Monday, 16 February 2015

Book Review - Slated by Teri Terry ★★★★

Yesterday I finished the book I picked from my TBR-Jar. It was quite interesting and I had a hard time to lay the book down. 

The story is about a sixteen year old girl, Kyla, who has been slated, that means all her memories were erased. She is told that all who had been slated were criminals but the government gave them a second chance to get their lives back instead of being in prison or getting terminated. However, this option is only possible for people under sixteen years. Now she must play by the rules set by the government, she must learn to fit in and not ask questions. Her new life is dominated by a wristband, a Levo, which connects to a counterpart implanted in her brain. This Levo controls her emotions and it forces a black out as soon as their mood levels drop to low. This method is used to stop the slated to fall into anger or depression, so they can´t hurt themselves or others. Further in the story, Kyla can't stop herself from questioning things, she doesn´t accept the phony answers she receives.

“It is one thing to ask questions; what do you do with the answers?”

She suffers from strange dreams at night and tries to piece together the puzzle of who she is and what´s happening around her, then more and more people disappear and it´s a taboo to mention it. Kyla also discovers facts about her life before she has been slated and is shocked what she discovers. 

This is a good dystopian book with a nice heroine, though her actions sometimes make no sense to me. The characters were not that special and the embedded romance wouldn´t have been necessary. The ideas for the government and the control system were great. If you can ignore some things and can accept that the main character decides more by instinct than logic or knowlege, then I would highly recommend reading it.