Review Policy

I am very happy to review books from authors and publishers. I accept ARC´s and finished copies. I guarantee that I will not sell ARC´s to anybody, I will keep them for myself.

ARC´s and hard copies are preferred for review, however I do acknowledge that since I live in Switzerland this may be more difficult and I am not opposed to e-books. I do own an PocketBook
e-reader so I accept all kind of files, but prefer .epub.

Because I prefer reading series in order, I ask that if you are requesting a book in a series that you include all of the preceding installments.

What kind of books I will review
I will review anything belonging to the Young Adult genre, including all its sub-genres (dystopian, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal, realistic fiction, etc.). Have a look at my Review Archive if you want to know more what I prefer.

I sometimes will agree to review books from the Adult category, as long as I´m interested in them. Examples of Adult Books I have read and liked are Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan Series, Frank Schätzing´s Der Schwarm, Patrick Süßkind´s Perfume. I also liked quite a lot of Horror or Thriller Books from the Adult genre. I will not review Middle Grade books (does not mean I will not read them). Adult Books are my second priority, so I can not guarantee to review them.

About sending me a request 
You are invited to send me review requests either from my own books, for books I don´t own and books you have written. I will try to reply as soon as possible. If I don´t reply to your request it´s either because I do not have time or I am declining it. It is possible that sometimes a request gets into my junk mail folder an I do not see them. Feel free to send it again if you are concerned that i might not have received it, but please send no request more than twice.

Due to my studying I have not much time for reading and further I have a lot of books on my own to get through. So when i decline or don´t reply to your request it´s because I have no time, not because I´m not interested. If a books sounds interesting to me I probably will accept it for review. But don´t let this stop you from sending a request though!

If I accept a book for review it does not guarantee a review. I will try to read everything and write a review of it. I will only rate books I have finished reading, so if for any reason I don´t finish a book, I won´t put a review on my blog.

I promise I will only write honest reviews. So if I accept a book for review that does not guarantee a positive review. I won´t bash any books if I dislike them. I will write in a care- and tasteful, honest way and will simply point out the book´s flaws.

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