Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Book Review - Fractured by Teri Terry | ★★★


I finished Fractured a few weeks ago and finally found time to write the review (I already read Shattered, the third book of the trilogy). 

The story continues to follow Kyla´s life after she was slated. It jumps right in after the violent struggle with Wayne Best in the woods. Memories start to surface and Kyla is very confused, since Slateds are not supposed to be violent. If they are, their Levos are programmed to stop them by rendering them unconscious or even killing them. But right after she gets away from the badly injured Wayne she discovers that her Levo isn´t working anymore. Soon memories of someone named Rain appear and she starts to realise that she is someone else.

There are also memories of a man called Nico and Kyla remembers and recognises her new biology teacher to be said person. Nico confronts Kyla with her past and explains that she was a member of Free UK, which fought against the brutal and slating government of the United Kingdom and that he trained her until she was taken by Lorders (Police officers working for the Government) to full fill her purpose to survive Slating and recover her memories. But strangely memories before she was 10 years old are not surfacing.

Even though Nico has Kyla convinced about her life before slating and about joining Free UK again, she has mixed feelings about him and thinks he is hiding something from her.

Kyla meets a new guy called Cameron who seems determined to forge a friendship with her, even though she obviously isn´t very interested in it. At the same time Tori, who everybody thought was terminated, comes back without a Levo and causes a stir.

Kyla´s life has changed rapidly and her distraction was noticed by Lorders. One afternoon, she and Cameron are grabbed by such and interrogated. Lorder Agent Coulson knows about Kyla's involvement with AGT (this is how the government calls Free UK) and asks her to spy on the group and supply him with information. Kyla keeps this meeting a secret from Nico and starts to doubt the actions of Free UK as Nico reveals his plans for the near future. She then discovers that Ben is still alive and is being trained as a Lorder Agent but she has to learn that he doesn´t remember her.

Kyla is put in a position in which she has to decide on whose side she´s on. Will she act as a Terrorist and help Free UK or will she turn against it and protect the people who only come into her life a short time ago?
"I almost gasp out loud when I realise: Who I am is what I choose to do. Just like Mum. Who she is, at her core, is made up of all the decisions she makes."
At first it was hard and confusing to get into this book. The fact that Kyla has three different identities made it  a bit hard to follow because for some people she´s Kyla, for some Rain and later for some Lucy. After you find one´s way the book gets better and better. There is always something happening but I have to say that it wasn´t as gripping as the first book. I´d call it a typical second book of a trilogy, which brings more questions than answers. 
Because I´m writing this review after I read the next and last book I can assure you that the third one will be much better! So keep on reading, you won´t be disappointed.